Statement of Support for the FY 2025 Budget Resolution

By at 7 March, 2024, 5:03 pm

SBE Council Statement of Support for the FY 2025 Budget Resolution

“A resetting of the nation’s budget strategy is long overdue. Excessive federal government spending and intrusive micromanagement of the private sector are fueling low confidence, higher costs, less investment, and general worry about the stability of our economy and nation. Entrepreneurs and small businesses require a supportive and stable policy environment to compete, innovate, create high-quality jobs and succeed. The budget resolution incorporates a range of supportive measures that provide small businesses with the capital resources they need to succeed and a friendly policy ecosystem that will fuel confidence and essential investments. Local economies throughout the U.S. depend on the vitality of our small businesses. The budget resolution establishes a sound blueprint to restore fiscal responsibility and a pro-entrepreneur, pro-innovation climate that will greatly help small businesses compete and succeed at home and abroad.”

Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council


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