Main Street Privacy Coalition Opposes H.R. 8818, the American Rights Privacy Act

By at 27 June, 2024, 11:58 am

In a June 26 letter to the Chairs and Ranking members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Subcommittee on Innovation, Data and Commerce, the 20 members of the Main Street Privacy Coalition (SBE Council is a member) highlight a significant problem with H.R. 8818, which disproportionately affects small businesses in terms of the potential for meritless lawsuits. The Coalition expressed it opposition to the legislation. As noted in the letter:

As drafted, our members are concerned that this form of PRA will lead to tens of thousands of demand letters sent annually to Main Street businesses for alleged violations of the APRA that threaten costly but meritless litigation unless settlements are quickly paid. Further, the APRA provides no opportunity to “cure” claims for damages, leaving businesses with the devilish “choice” of either paying unjust, demanded settlements or paying exponentially more to go to court to defend themselves against privacy trolls’ baseless claims.

To read the full letter click here.

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