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June 12th, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating – The U.S. long has benefited from being the Land of Entrepreneurship. Data over the past roughly 18 years, however, has raised questions about diminishing entrepreneurship in America. Therefore, a new poll from Shopify-Gallup is encouraging in far as it shows that a solid majority of Americans still want to be […]

May 7th, 2024 by

  by Raymond J. Keating – Business investment is essential to economic growth now, but also into the future, as investment serves as the seeds for future growth and development. In the GDP data, business investment is captured in real private fixed nonresidential investment. And there are three broad areas of investment within this larger […]

May 1st, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating –  The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced on May 1 that it would leave interest rates unchanged – that is, it would “maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 percent.” That was largely expected. But something far more interesting was said. And let’s give […]

March 25th, 2024 by

SMALL BUSINESS INSIDER by Raymond J. Keating –  Politics is politics when it comes to the economy. The party in control, and their advocates, will claim that things are just great, and the party not in control, and their supporters, will declare that things have never been worse. And of course, we have the pandemic […]

March 18th, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating – Whenever elected officials set off on spending sprees, their targets for higher taxes, of course, expand. We’re in the midst of such a period now, as President Biden’s budget plan calls for federal outlays to persist at an annual minimum of 24.6 percent of GDP into the future (ranging from […]

March 13th, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating –  The budget plan offered by President Joe Biden shouldn’t have surprised anyone. After all, this is a budget focused on more federal government spending and higher taxes, and it lines up with previous Biden proposals. And if it were to become law, it would be a clear negative for the […]

March 7th, 2024 by

Small Business Economic Insider by Raymond J. Keating – It’s amazing what political talk and diminished expectations can achieve. For example, I keep hearing about our strong economy, but then I look at the data and assorted key reports, and I think, “Really?” First, let’s get some perspective on economic growth. Yes, the second half […]

March 1st, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating – The latest personal income report from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis served up a mixed story. First, the report’s measure of inflation – i.e., personal consumption expenditures (PCE) index – was unwelcome. The PCE inflation increased by 0.3 percent in January, after three very quiet months (i.e., flat in […]

February 1st, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating – Too often, elected officials respond to a terrible event or accident with proposed legislation that has little or nothing to do with what actually occurred. Such responses tend to be driven by the political impulse to “do something,” or even worse, to be viewed as opportunities to move another agenda, […]

January 30th, 2024 by

by Raymond J. Keating – I have long been amazed at the entrepreneurs, businesses, employees and investors who produce the energy upon which our economy is dependent. They not only push ahead with innovations, investments and production, but they have been doing so in a largely hostile policy climate for most of the past decade-and-a-half. […]

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