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SBE Council is advocating for policies to improve the environment for risk-taking, investment, and entrepreneurship.  We are working on multiple fronts to protect small business and rebuild a strong economy. Entrepreneurship in the U.S. continues to lag, but a much improved policy environment at the federal level, along with stronger economic growth are encouraging people to start more businesses.

On the heels of tax reform, along with continuous regulatory improvements and the passage of USMCA, SBE Council is focusing on “unfinished business” like fully reforming and modernizing the regulatory system, advocating for reforms that lead to more affordable health coverage and choices for entrepreneurs and their workforce. We continue to work on a range of policy reforms to improve capital formation, global market access, and other important changes to the tax code to simplify and modernize the U.S. tax system.

A First-Class Ecosystem for U.S. Entrepreneurs:  SBE Council is working hard to improve the environment for U.S. entrepreneurship, and helping lawmakers understand the need for a first-class ecosystem to enable small business growth. This includes common sense policies for improving our nation’s educational system, infrastructure, and broadband access as well as affordable access to the global markets, capital, and energy. The “skills gap” is a major challenge for our economy, and SBE Council is working with the Administration and leaders in Congress to identify and implement solutions that address the growing challenge entrepreneurs face in finding the employees they need to scale and operate their businesses.

See SBE Council’s 2020 Policy Agenda for Entrepreneurs and Small Business here.

TAX REFORM: SBE Council efforts on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act were key to its passage, and now we are working to make provisions that expire more meaningful and PERMANENT for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In addition, we continue to advocate for common sense changes to update the tax system, such as reforms embodied in the bipartisan “Small Business Tax Simplification Act,” H.R. 3717.

HEALTH CARE REFORM: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased the cost of health insurance for small businesses and the self-employed.  With our key wins in 2019 – a repeal of the health insurance tax (HIT), the Cadillac tax and the medical device tax, SBE Council continues to push for a solution to “surprise billing” and more competition in general to support greater health care choices. Changes to Association Health Plans (small business health plans), health reimbursement accounts, and short-term plans are starting to providing small businesses with more choices, but other reforms are still needed.  SBE Council supports the full expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), a national marketplace for health insurance, medical liability reform, and other reforms that bring market discipline, entrepreneurial innovation and choice into the health care system.

REGULATORY MODERNIZATION AND REFORM.  Regulatory costs and excess squeeze the profitability and survivability of many small firms.  SBE Council has supported the broad regulatory relief efforts of the Trump Administration as being advanced through the President’s various Executive Orders. Our staff and members have weighed in with various agencies such as the Department of Labor, Federal Communications Commission, Health and Human Services, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other federal agencies and departments on reforms and new rules being considered. We will support efforts that streamline and modernize the regulatory process, a requirement that regulations undergo a thorough cost-benefit analysis, and changes that give small business owners a meaningful and early voice in the regulatory process.  SBE Council strongly supports, for example, the “Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act.”

ACCESS TO GLOBAL MARKETS. Small businesses cannot afford an era of protectionism. Entrepreneurs want and need access to international markets to sell their goods and services. The U.S. must continue to engage other nations in trade agreements to enable a more prosperous, interdependent and peaceful world. SBE Council is pleased that Congress passed the United States-Mexico-Trade Agreement (USMCA), and we are very supportive of trade talks with Great Britain and the EU. Ongoing dialog with China following the signing of a “Phase I” trade accord is vital to certainty, investment and small business growth and opportunity. Lowering trade barriers will allow more small businesses to go global and grow. Along with and closely related to trade, SBE Council is the leading small business voice urging the Administration to secure and enforce Intellectual Property (IP) protections at home and abroad.

Other Critical Issues

Affordable Energy:  Small businesses are at the center of America’s energy revolution, and as consumers they have benefitted significantly from lower energy costs from this renaissance. SBE Council is the leading small business voice for an aggressive pro-investment approach to U.S. energy policies to create an affordable, stable and cleaner supply of energy, and more opportunities for small businesses in this vital sector.

Workplace Regulation:  SBE Council strongly supports efforts by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to fix the expanded and complex “joint employer” standard.  The final rule on “joint employer” by the Department of Labor in early January 2020 is good news for small businesses. The Obama-era standard and uncertainty on joint employer are damaging small business growth and innovation in the franchise sector. SBE Council also supports a legislative solution to joint employer, as embodied in the “Save Local Business Act,” H.R. 3441.  One-size-fits-all and complex rules that attempt to micromanage how and what employers pay their employees, how they operate their safety programs and communicate with their workforce, is an outdated approach with serious and negative consequences for our economy.  SBE Council is working to modernize laws that allow for more flexibility in the workplace that both business owners and employees want and need to more effectively manage their firms and loves.

In the States: SBE Council works with state and local allies on improving the policy climate in the states. SBE Council’s Annual “Small Business Policy Index,” which ranks the states on their environments for business start-up and growth, is now in its 24th year. From this core Index, SBE Council produces a “Business Tax Index,” “Energy Cost Index” and “Health Care Cost Index” that measure the states on policies that affect the cost or burden in these specific areas.

How Does SBE Council Keep You Informed and Updated?

Small Business Insider – enews:  SBE Council members stay updated through our weekly enews report. The e-newsletter includes important information about legislation, market trends, educational resources, “how to” tips, and other FREE or low cost training opportunities to help your firm grow and prosper in the competitive business environment.

ADVOCACY:  SBE Council staff produces cutting-edge and insightful analysis for our members, the media, and elected officials to help target audiences understand the impact of legislation, regulatory proposals, and the Administration’s policies on small business.  SBE Council delivers ACTION ALERTS to let you know when you need to contact your Members of Congress, the White House or take part in regulatory proceedings.

The views and ideas of SBE Council members and staff continue to be in demand on Capitol Hill, and with elected officials and policymakers at all levels of government. “Influentials” in the media and the private sector tap into SBE Council analysis and staff expertise to help them grasp complex issues, and the impact of proposed policies on entrepreneurship. SBE Council will always have a seat at the table when issues impacting entrepreneurs are being discussed, debated or decided.


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